The Montague Arms

Your Host

Frog Morris produced over 100 live shows in the Montague Arms between 2007 and 2012. The nights were an eccentric mix of art, music and comedy. One moment the audience are laughing along to a comedy routine, the next they are hushed to silence for a performance art piece or poetry reading, the next moment they are handed song sheets and asked to sing along with a musician. Past evenings have seen copulating ghosts, masquerades, costumed animals, witchcraft, drunken pirates, maths lectures, under-sea gods and one night an entire orchestra performed sat round the pub tables. The acts are usually curated together using a different theme each month. Theme nights have included Science Fiction, Music Hall, Super Heroes, Witches, Cowboys and the Sea.

The evening takes places in The Montague Arms, a family run pub which was stuffed full of stuffed animals and other odd items collected by its residents. The long-serving bar staff told tales of east-end gangsters, blue comedians, punks, cockney sing-along, prog rock, dancing girls  and

Photos thanks to V Morris, Daren Callow,  Paul Wady, Theo Morris, Joanna McCorrmick, Sarah Sparkes and …many others