UnWrong Quiz


I’m sure you have all heard of thinking outside the box but what is inside the box?

The Unwrong Quiz celebrates people who can’t remember the capital city of every country in the world or who won the FA cup in 1932, but might think of something useful to do with a ball of plasticine, twelve meters of garden hose and David Hasselhoff’s chest hair. The audience are asked to write stories, make up jokes, draw pictures, compose poetry and deface diagrams, with the best answers winning a prize.

The Unwrong Quiz is hosted by Frog Morris and Mark Quinn with special guests providing entertainment between each round.

The show ran monthly at the Montague Arms from 2008 – 2011 and also appeared at a number of arts festivals including Whitstable Biennale 2008 a successful run at Edinburgh Fringe in 2010.

Frog and Mark met at Canterbury Art School in 2000 and they first performed on stage as part of art collective “Built Like a Truck Drives Like a Gallery” in 2001. Mark first devised an early version of the quiz in response to a rather random trivia quiz given by an eccentric lecturer during a 13-hour coach trip to Berlin.

The pair began performing together again in 2007 when Frog started hosting a regular night in famous London boozer The Montague Arms and Mark became a regular stand-up comedy act. Following a last minute cancellation, Frog suggested they recreate Mark’s improvised nonsensical quiz to fill the slot. It proved popular with locals, who had a loathing for tedious trivia quizzes, and the Unwrong Quiz developed into a regular fixture at the pub. The participatory and creative nature of the quiz means it has also proved a popular feature at live art events and festivals.

Mark and Frog still enjoy working together when they get the opportunity. The UnWrong Quiz most recently appeared at Camberwell Arts Festival in 2023.