“The turner prize winners of tomorrow” Sue Jones BBC South East

“Old school new style” The Londonist

“A highly accomplished performer, whose poetic storytelling will escort you to an other place entirely” Oh, for the Love of Dada

“Would you laugh or cry faced with such unorthodox entertainment?” The Bell

…to the duck call what Bob Dylan is to the harmonica” Gary Stevens

“Frog Morris a Modern Day Peter Sellers!” Mike Chavez-Dawson, Polite

“That was ****ing wrong. Very, very funny but ****ing wrong.” London Comedy Open Mic

“Incredible” Bob & Roberta Smith, Resonance FM

“Eccentric, curious and original” Hospital Club

“He is an artist in the broadest most contemporary sense of the word where art can be anything” Deviant Art Sweden

“Fabulously unnerving” Klaus Trophobik, Trash Palace

“Svengali, promoter, poet, badger baiter, mexican wrestling action painter” Foz (David Devant & His Spirit Wife)

“Frog Morris is a man, a poet, a comedian, an artist and a real ale drinker. Nobody is quite sure which of these is the most important one, but we suspect it’s the real ale part. His poetry takes you on journeys through a wild and wacky world of insane animals, beer, travel, space, bar snacks, pig semen and, indeed, more beer.” Daren Callow, Musician