Sweet Wrapper Stained Glass

Inspired by the elaborately decorated Gin Palaces and Shopping Parades of Victorian London, these colourful windows were created using craft materials and sweet wrappers with the help of volunteers of all ages (who also helped to eat the sweets).


Stained glass was not only used by churches; it was also once a colourful way to advertise pubs, shops and restaurants as well.

The first window ‘Ales / Stout / Wines / Spirits’ was made with the help of family member over Chirstmas 2014 and exhibited at the Kitchen Window Gallery along with a cask of hombrewed oatmeal stout.

T he second larger window was made during a community workshop for Camberwell Festival 2015 and exhibited in The Tiger Pub for the duration of the festival. It show a Tiger and the year the pub opened 1826. During the day, light shone in through the coloured sweet wrappers onto customers. At night the lamp lights shone out and illuminpasserby in the streets. 6kg of Quality Streets were kindly eaten by the pub customer and passing children to make the window.