Magic Lantern Night Walks

Thanks to the recent invention of the electric battery powered torch we have been able to modify a number of our lanterns to be portable and have been experimenting with conjuring apparitions on dark streets during the night.

This unique Inspiral London performance walk from Gravesend to Northfleet, explored the history and glory days of the Rosherville Pleasure Gardens. Along the way the audience joined in with a special the magic lantern show, with artists Mollett and Morris, as they lead us through Rosherville’s Pleasures (now an industrial estate); strolling along by the Thames path the audience meet a menagerie of performers, the ghosts of animals and resident attractions, plus the beauty of the gardens – all part of the great Victorian Pleasuredom. Participants were taught how to operate small hand-hand lanterns and helping us to create spectacular multi-projections onto the surrounding walls. We recreated the lost marvels togther as we light up the streets of Gravesham.

The Magic Lantern also appeared on another section of the walk in King’s Cross, projecteing hand painted rural scenery onto urban architecture