Textural Contexts

Stonehenge Processional Route
Neon Acrylic, Pencil, UV lights, Canvas, 300cm x 30cm, 2023
Exhibited in ‘Textural Contexts‘ at Corner June 30th – July 29th 2023  View the full exhibition

“In Summer 2022 I visited Stone Henge. I’d seen it many times but never actually been up close. How the Stones got there remains a mystery, was it slaves or wizards or space aliens? Little evidence has been found. Walking the site I noted there was a processional route. Having run a lot of outdoor festival with processions celebrating the hight of winter and summer I began to imagine how this space might have been used. Was there a drumming and processions of people as the stones were dragged into position? Perhaps the stones were decorated? Where there banners and flags and bunting and tents?  Did they dress up? Did they make carnival floats?  Was there drinking, food, and fires? And how did they know where and when to meet next year? They needed a calendar and a place marker. When a festival is over the tents and decorations taken down and carried away in vehicles, the site is left clear, there is nothing left for us to know.”