Rag And Bone

Rag and Bone Fine Art Exhibition

16th – 30th July 2006

Three Colts Gallery

Frog Morris, Jeanine Woollard, Sam Curtis, Emanuel Almborg, Erin Crowe, Sarah Gilder, Rah Hung Fox, Yaron Lapid, Di Di Lin, Law Man-Lok, Kara Tanaka, Ed Wright, Robin Kristen, Mark Quinn, John Topple, Theo Morris, Jim Parker, Niamh Sullivan, Charlie Tweed, Lucy Harrison & Leigh Clarke, Christine Niehoff, Leslie Deere, Matt Green, Sarah Glenny, Nicole Mollett, Maria Brigita Karantzi, David Edwards, Shirley Woollard, Duncan Ward, Edd Bagnal, Kalvin Collins, Dan Mort, Alex Staiger, Sarah Mac Donald, Andrea Dettmar, Ines Rebelo, Robin Szidak, Anna Pickering, Henna Halonen, Elysa Lozano and Victor Mount

“Any-ol’ art!”

The call can be heard echoing through the corridors of art studios as self-style Rag and Bone Men Jeanine Woollard and Frog Morris trudge round the art world collecting up discarded work, making good use of the things that they find, the things that the commercial art world leaves behind. They are gathering the leftovers and odd ends of art, the quality seconds of contemporary culture. They have gathered up these items in Three Colts Gallery, stacking it high with cultural brick-a-brack for you to come and rummage through. Come and poke around in the jumble of art and find that masterpiece someone else might have tossed aside without discovering its true genius…

Three Colts Gallery
Unit 207, 2nd Floor, Green Heath Business Centre, Three Colts Lane, Bethnal Green, London E2 6JB
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Friday - Sunday 12pm - 6pm
Private View & Live Performances :
6.30pm Saturday 15th July 2006

Rag and Bone Art Exhibition



Live Performance!

Art Lotto Prize Draw

Win an art experience of a lifetime
A mystery celebrity guest will draw the winning tickets!

...Plus beer


Frog Morris
Tel: 07909 540 840

Jeanine Woollard
Tel: 07946609267

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