Expected [Camberwell Spaceman]

It is expected that the first space travellers will be departing from Camberwell Green bus stops within the next few years. In preparation, artist Frog Morris has built this space suit using items found in local Camberwell shops.

What do you expect will happen in the future in Camberwell?

"You gonna go viral in Brazil man" - response from passerby taking photos with smartphone

This work was commissioned for Camberwell : Transported as part of Camberwell Arts Festival 2013.

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Expected 2043
Documentation of performance at Camberwell Bus Stops
Expected 2043
[Spacesuit costume]
Documentation of performance - DIY space suit detail. Photo by Mrs Frog
Expected 2043

Documentation of performance - response from local community. Photo by Mrs Frog
Expected 2043
Limited edition digital print exhibited at Moloko, Camberwell.
Expected 2043
Handdrawn map of shops where materials were source. Published in Camberwell Travel Guide 2012.