The Frog Morris Revue

The Frog Morris Revue is a 1 hour comedy show which debuted at Camden Fringe Festival 2009. The show featured a series of comic character who were often as unnerving as they were funny. These characters also made a number of appearances at comedy and cabaret nights, and one or two even found their way into art galleries.

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The Roadie - The Frog Morris Revue
The Roadies encounter an increasingly bizarre and disturbing series of technical problems during the sound check
Mystic Heure - The Frog Morris Revue
Mystic Heure predicts audience member’s fortunes using old VHS video of sci-fi films.
Dave the Security Guard - The Frog Morris Revue
Dave is a Security Guard who has spent one too many night shifts in his van with only an Alsatian dog for company. Dave conducts the audience through an unnerving health and safety assessment.
World Championship Action Painting - The Frog Morris Revue
World Championship Action Painting features an artist dressed in a mask and tights and physically wrestling with a blank canvas in a world title bout of existential angst. The finished painting is then offered for sale to the audience.
Artists Talk - The Frog Morris Revue
The show ends with a short lecture during which I talk about my art and read some of my poetry, with titles including ‘I was the Pig Semen Delivery Man’ and ‘Darling, you are more beautiful than a pub’.
The Frog Morris Revue Poster
One of a series of poster displayed during Camden Fringe.
Uncle Christmas
Uncle Christmas is Santa's errant younger brother. He has made a number of guest appearances at Christmas gigs talking about his life since he was asked to leave the grotto.
Photo by Lee Gantry at Arty Party